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PepsiCo orders 100 Tesla Semis, the largest reservation yet

PepsiCo joins many other companies in the Tesla production queue.

Tesla Semi

If you want your name spread across the internet in late 2017, there's no better way to do it than by ordering some Tesla Semi trucks.

PepsiCo has placed an order for 100 Tesla Semi trucks, Reuters reports, citing a conversation with a company executive. It's believed to be the largest such order -- of the orders that have been made public, at least.

If it's as bulletproof as Tesla claims it is, it could genuinely shake things up.


PepsiCo isn't standing in line at the Tesla factory by its lonesome. It joins a number of other companies in the order queue, including J.B. Hunt, Meijer, DHL and Titanium Transportation. Nobody's quite sure when Tesla will get around to building them, considering it's having enough trouble getting Model 3s out the door on time, but it's estimated that efforts will be underway as early as 2019.

The Semi, which has already been spotted on the road, could shake up the trucking industry in a big way. It's believed to have a range of 500 miles while hauling, and Tesla believes it'll be one of the easiest trucks to maintain, given its limited number of moving parts. It has a central seating position, which truckers have noted is a bit strange.

As with all semi trucks, the Tesla Semi won't be cheap. An entry-level, 300-mile cab will start at $150,000, with a longer-range model coming in around $180,000. At the moment, both models require a $20,000 deposit, which means PepsiCo just dropped a cool $2 million for those reservations.