Opel GT X Experimental concept shows a fresh face under new ownership

Opel's determined to separate itself from the GM family it left behind.

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Earlier this month, Opel teased its first concept under its new Groupe PSA ownership, which also runs Peugeot and Citroën. Now, we're able to take a look at the whole thing, and it's pretty interesting.

The Opel GT X Experimental concept is a compact electric crossover that's meant to show off the next generation of Opel vehicles under its new owner. Whereas previous Opels were largely derivatives of other General Motors models, this concept is entirely new. The main staple of its design, the visual axes that converge at the grille's badge, is something you should expect to see in future production Opels. However, it does have one thing in common with the GM-era GT Concept -- that colorful character line that runs the length of the roof, stopping halfway down the hood.

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GM? Who's that?


As Opel mentioned when it released the teaser, the front end is meant to resemble a motorcycle helmet. The "Vizor," as it's called, contains the headlights, running lights and all the hardware required for driver-assistance systems. The running-light design will continue to show up in future Opel vehicles, even if the entire "Vizor" concept doesn't.

The interior is super clean, something you tend to see in most modern concepts. The instrument panel is bare, save for a single screen that covers nearly two thirds of the dashboard. The steering wheel is equally straightforward, and this concept has some of the weirdest looking pedals I've ever seen. The seats are on the futuristic side, with an interesting design that features incorporated headrests. The concept packs suicide doors, offering an unobstructed view through the cabin when all doors are open. The windshield and sunroof comprise a single piece of glass that stretches all the way to the second row.

The GT X Experimental concept is entirely electric, which reflects Opel's desire to electrify its entire lineup by 2024. Its 50-kWh battery provides an unspecified range, but Opel did say it can be charged wirelessly. The car is not fully autonomous -- a change from most concepts of late -- but it is capable of SAE Level 3 autonomy, which leaves the driver as a fallback decision-maker.

Opel's concept is quite the looker. Hopefully, it incorporates as many of these design elements as possible into its future vehicles. If that's the case, Opel seems ready to carve its own path, independent of its former overlord.

Opel GT X Experimental concept is a flashy next-gen crossover

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