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Nissan Z reveal: Watch the new Z car livestream here

The Z Proto is a thinly disguised prototype version of the upcoming production Z Sports car, and it looks great.

Today is a day many of us waited years for, but thought might never come: Nissan finally revealed the new Z on Tuesday night. Well, technically this is what Nissan calls its Z Proto. But worry not, the "Proto" name -- as in "prototype" -- signifies a lightly disguised version of the eventual production car. A few things may change, but by and large, this will be the next Z. 

Today's reveal is mostly about ushering in the next car altogether, so specifics are rather light. Still, a twin-turbo V6 of some form is confirmed and we know you'll be able to shift a proper manual transmission. Those are both good things. We finally get to see what designers have concocted, too. The Z Proto is, essentially, a greatest hits album of Z design, and we're digging the rear. A lot. The front is... a tad iffy, though. That squared-off grille shape isn't exactly sexy, but we suppose a front-mounted intercooler could fit easily, and look pretty boss there.

We'll see the production Z debut next year -- likely wearing a 400Z badge -- before the new sports car likely hits the streets in 2022.