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Next Nissan Z won't make the journey to Europe

Countries where Nissan will sell the new Z aren't confirmed, but the continent of Europe will miss out.

Sorry, Europe.

We hate to deliver bad news, but the next Nissan Z -- based on the Z Proto that debuted Tuesday -- will not be sold in Europe. That will make the outgoing 370Z the final Z car to grace European countries, and it will surely upset fans. First reported by Automotive News Europe on Wednesday, Nissan confirmed the news with Roadshow.

"A shrinking European sports cars market and specific regulations on emissions mean that Nissan was unable to build a viable business case for the introduction of the production version of the next generation Z-car in Europe," a Nissan spokesperson said in a statement. "In Europe, Nissan's priorities remain on its commitment to renew its crossover lineup and accelerate its range electrification strategy."

Emissions regulations are making new sports cars a tougher case in Europe, but the continent isn't alone in its declining appetite for new sports cars. The decision will give rivals like the Ford Mustang and Toyota Supra more room to breathe on the other side of the ocean. Both cars remain on sale in European nations.

The decision to leave Europe off the list for the next Z, which may wear the 400Z name for production, isn't totally shocking at a core business level, either. According to Nissan's most recent restructuring plans, it will let alliance partner Renault handle Europe. We'll likely continue to see Nissan's European lineup shrink in the process. Meanwhile, Nissan will focus its efforts on Japan and the US among other countries, to ensure its alliance partners allocate resources accordingly.

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