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Nissan Z continues to hint at 240Z, 300ZX elements -- and is that a manual?

Nissan clearly looked to the car's past to inspire the new Z car and that's not a bad thing at all.

Nissan Z Proto teaser
Looks like a Z to me.

Nissan is really hyping the fact the next-generation Z car (we still don't have an official name) draws heavily on the sports car's past. On Monday, the latest teaser video published to social media specifically calls out some lovely retro elements we're dying to see in the metal.

First, we're treated to the 240Z, and quickly the video highlights the upcoming Z Proto, which stands for "prototype" in Nissan speak, and its headlight. It's the same round treatment we've seen in past teasers that strikes a resemblance with the sports car's past. Then, we're taken to the 300ZX's rear before the video shows a shadowy look at the Z Proto's similar horizontal bar lights. We're really digging this look.

Nissan Z Proto teaser

Loving the simple headlight shape.


Again, Nissan focuses on the 240Z's lovely shape before a silhouette of the Z Proto comes into frame to highlight the similarities of the car's shape with a sloping greenhouse and a long hood. Before the video ends, it also looks like the automaker dropped a quick look at the car's interior. We see a stitched part of the center stack before a hand rests on a gear selector. That final action is hopefully a hint there's a manual transmission involved with the sports car. It would be highly uncharacteristic for Nissan to drop the gearbox anyway.

Nissan plans to reveal the Z Proto on Sept. 16, which will preview the production car coming later. How much later? We don't know yet, but take solace in the fact Nissan Proto models typically represent their production cars quite well.

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