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New Nissan Z's rear evokes the 240Z in new teaser

The shape is positively 240Z, while the taillights look a lot like the 300ZX.

Nissan Z Proto teaser
Look at that shape.
Alfonso Albaisa/Instagram

On Tuesday, Nissan dropped a bombshell and said we'll actually see the new Z car this month. Well, a Z prototype. Nevertheless, it's incredibly exciting. But, Nissan's chief designer, Alfonso Albaisa, went ahead and gave us just a little more yesterday evening and showed a teaser sketch of the Z Proto's rear. Z car faithful, it looks like good news.

The photo shows a basic sketch of the Z Proto's rear profile and the shape is positively 240Z-inspired -- a lovely look for the sports car in desperate need of attention. And it looks like rumors pointing to 300ZX influence are also true. The taillights totally rock a similar style to the past Z car with thin shapes stretched on the rear. In fact, the rear fascia looks a lot like the 300ZX, and that's not a bad thing. While it's not everyone's favorite Z, the 300ZX's clean design still looks rather fresh today. It's also a departure from the sharp upward taillights the sports car's included since the 350Z added them nearly 20 years ago.

It's clear Albaisa and his team looked back to the past for the upcoming Z, which could wear the 400Z name. What Nissan plans to show on Sept. 15 won't be the final production car, but a prototype that strongly hints at the final car to come. Mark those calendars because it's been a long way coming for a new Z.