Life's a beach in the Nissan Titan Surfcamp show car

Just don't park in the path of high tide.

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It's a shame I don't know how to surf. Or paddleboard. Or fish. Or anything that this truck is made for, really.


loves itself some lifestyle-friendly concepts, whether it's a 370Z with skis or an Armada built for mountains. Its latest one takes a Titan XD and gets it ready for the sand.

The Nissan Titan Surfcamp concept is meant for the beach-friendly adventurer. It's packed to the brim with all manner of aftermarket kit that makes living on the beach a breeze -- and considering a Titan XD starts around $32,000, it's much cheaper than most oceanfront real estate you'll find, even with all the add-ons.

To give the Titan Surfcamp a new look, Nissan fitted a Fab Four front bumper and Icon wheels. It's positively lousy with LED lights, so even when it gets dark on the beach, you can keep the party going. Behind the cab-mounted roof rack is a Freespirit Recreation automatic tent. The bed underneath has a drawer system to keep all your goods organized.

And since it's a surf-oriented concept, it has all sorts of mounting points for paddleboards, surfboards or any other piece of water equipment with the word "board" in it. There's also a space to hold your fishing rods, if you didn't pack any food. There's even a solar-powered shower to keep the sand outside the truck.

If you're a fan of boats, the Titan XD is well-equipped to bring one along for the ride. With the right specification, the Titan can tow up to 11,280 pounds, thanks in part to its Cummins diesel V8 that puts out 310 horsepower and 555 pound-feet of torque.

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Nissan Titan Surfcamp is equal parts surf and turf

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