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Nissan teases 2018 Leaf taillight two weeks before reveal

The speculation stops on September 6.


So far, Nissan has offered 2018 Leaf teasers that looked at its headlight and its silhouette, we've learned about one-pedal driving and its new ProPilot semi-autonomous lane-holding system. Now, we're finally getting a better look at its rear end.

Nissan's latest 2018 Leaf teaser doesn't offer any new information. The video below merely rehashes information we already know -- namely, that it'll be a pure electric vehicle just as it was before. There's a badge on the back of the new Leaf touting its lack of tailpipe emissions, as well.

Is it not common knowledge in 2017 that EVs are zero-emissions vehicles?


The new teaser image finally gives us a decent look at the car's taillight. It appears to carry some of the same shape as before, moving up the side of the car along the rear glass line. Everything is more angular than it used to be, and a two-tone splash of body color and black gives the new Leaf's trunk a bit more character than before.

In less than a fortnight, we'll be able to stop hypothesizing about the Leaf. Based on alleged leaked specs, I wouldn't consider it to be a Chevy Bolt EV or Tesla Model 3 competitor, but that's good, because the world needs EVs that come in closer to $20,000 than $35,000.