Nissan unveiled its new smarter Skyline sedan with ProPilot 2.0

The Nissan Skyline, which we know better as the Infiniti Q50, now has more power and tech than ever.

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The new Skyline may have the face of the GT-R but underneath, it's a high-tech family sedan.


Now, as a car enthusiast, it's easy to hear that Nissan is unveiling a new Skyline and get all googly-eyed with the idea of a brand new GT-R, but that's not the kind of Skyline that Nissan announced on Tuesday.

See, the Skyline is a four-door family car that we have in the US, only it's badged as an Infiniti Q50. Now, the reason why we should care about this particular Skyline is because it's the first time Nissan is putting a car on the market with its new ProPilot 2.0 system.

ProPilot 2.0 is a big deal because it's a massive overhaul to Nissan's already-decent ProPilot Assist system. This time out though, it includes driver monitoring, which will allow the system to function hands-free much like Cadillac's SuperCruise

Notable for the Japanese market is the introduction of the VR30DDTT engine that we already get in our Q50 and , but which is a substantial upgrade over the previous Skyline's Mercedes-Benz-sourced four-cylinder or hybrid VQ35HR naturally aspirated V6. That hybrid V6 is still available as a base-model engine.

The new Skyline will also get adaptive suspension and steering, both of which should contribute to the car feeling relatively sporty, which is a good thing and should bode well for an updated Q50 model for enthusiasts here in the US.

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