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Nissan Rogue Trail Warrior Project is a track-equipped beast

It might look like the Winter Warrior from 2016, but it's not. Well, not entirely, at least.


For last year's Chicago Auto Show, Nissan built a whole lineup of track-equipped snow monsters called the Winter Warriors. This year, it has another, similar concept, and it's every bit as badass.

The Nissan Rogue Trail Warrior Project is a concept much like the Winter Warrior, but it's built for the dirt instead of the snow. And, instead of using a second-generation Rogue, the Trail Warrior is based off the refreshed 2017 Rogue.

Hell yes.


Perhaps the most obvious change to the Trail Warrior is a gnarly set of khaki-painted snow tracks. The tracks are Dominator models, courtesy of American Track Truck, Inc. These bad boys are 4 feet long, more than 2 feet tall and more than 1 foot wide. The Rogue's suspension and wheel wells were modified to accommodate the tracks.

Further adding to the Trail Warrior's off-road prowess is a pair of tinted headlights, fender flares, LED lights, a gear basket and a winch. The whole shebang is topped off with a camouflage-type vinyl wrap.

Underneath its rugged exterior, it's still a Nissan Rogue. It's still packing an inline-4 engine, good for 170 horsepower and 175 pound-feet of torque. Nissan's stock continuously variable transmission is along for the ride, too.

We were lucky enough to take the Winter Warrior concepts for a spin back in 2016, and while they weren't exactly easy to drive -- you can thank a large turning radius for that -- the concepts were an absolute hoot. Crossovers are pretty capable when the going gets rough, but the Trail Warrior and its forebears take that experience to a whole new level.

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