Han Solo’s new whip is this custom Nissan Rogue

His other ride is the Millennium Falcon, duh.

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We've already seen a handful of Star Wars-inspired show cars from Nissan : A tricked out Altima made to look like a First Order TIE Fighter, twin Maximas inspired by Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren, and a massive AT-M6 built on the back of a Titan pickup truck.

Now, it's turning its eye to Solo: A Star Wars Story with a tricked-out 2018 Nissan Rogue made to look like the Millennium Falcon. And boy, does it deliver.

Watch this: Nissan's 'Solo' show vehicle inspired by the Millennium Falcon

I was a little disappointed previous show cars didn't have any fancy interior work done -- the TIE Fighter seemed ripe for customization, but no dice. This time around, Nissan once again teamed up with the custom-car wizards at Vehicle Effects and came up with a fully realized show vehicle... inside and out.

We got an exclusive look at how the Vehicle Effects team worked on the car over a period of two weeks before its unveiling (which happened to be hours before the red carpet world premiere for Solo in Hollywood), and it's downright impressive how the car went from stock 2018 Nissan Rogue to an immersive showpiece worthy of a Hollywood movie premiere. In the end, Vehicle Effects project manager Eric Shimp estimated over 1,000 hours of work went into the build, spread across multiple teams.

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Credit where it's due, this is Nissan's best Star Wars concept yet.


Just about every surface viewable to the naked eye was touched: the front of the car has a beautifully fabricated cockpit made to look like the Falcon's, while custom body work and a detailed paint job mimic the wear and tear the ship has taken across its time in the Star Wars universe. In the rear, a 1,500-watt Bose sound system accompanies a subspace hyperdrive, and the launch sound the car emits when triggered is loud.

If you're listening, Nissan, I'm going to need this dash as an upgrade option in your standard Rogue. I'd strongly consider buying a third car to share with my husband if you offered it, provided it looked like this. This interior is spectacular: twinkling buttons and switches evoke all the very best nostalgia for Han Solo's beloved starship; custom yellow-accented second-row seats are Lando-inspired but not obnoxious; and the machined, gold-plated Sabacc dice hanging from the rearview offers the perfect finishing touch.

Overall, this is easily the best show vehicle so far from Nissan and Vehicle Effects, and if this is the trajectory for that partnership's custom cars going forward, I'm sure we'll see even bigger and better projects as Disney continues to release new Star Wars movies.

Seriously, Nissan. Think about that custom dashboard upgrade.

Nissan’s latest Star Wars-themed Rogue channels the Millennium Falcon

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