Nissan NV300 van concept is a woodworking wunderkind on wheels

It also packs a portable energy storage system based on used Leaf batteries.

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I feel like Nick Offerman would really get a kick out of this.


Concept vans aren't nearly as popular as they should be, considering just how many things can be shoved into a vehicle that cavernous. Nissan clearly thinks like I do, because the automaker came out with a fun concept van that also dips into electrification and off-grid livin'.

Nissan introduced the NV300 van concept on Friday at the Brussels Motor Show in Belgium. Not only does the concept help showcase how its vans can be outfitted for a variety of bespoke purposes, it also carries a bit of new-energy tech that can help van-life aficionados when staying off the grid.

In the case of this specific concept, the van has been turned into a mobile woodworking shop. The doors have been fitted to hold all manner of tools, while the inside of the van itself has a bunch of shelves and other storage solutions. Yet, there's still space for a desk inside, and a second foldout table allows woodworkers to enjoy open air, too. There's also a touchscreen computer and LED lighting integrated into the cargo area.

To help power the tools while on the road, Nissan also included its Energy Roam power pack. Made from second-life batteries from old Leaf EVs, Nissan Energy Roam can recharge using solar panels mounted to the van's roof, to help stay off the grid even longer. This power pack will launch in Europe this spring.

Of course, Nissan isn't exactly in the business of offering bespoke solutions on its own -- it relied on help from a British design studio to create this concept. But it shows just how flexible vans can be for a variety of craftsmen. Van life isn't just for weird dudes in California with long hair.

Nissan NV300 van concept lets you woodwork in the sticks with ease

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