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Nissan logo gets a redo as Ariya electric SUV begins new chapter

It's a new day for Nissan, and as it prepares to launch 12 new cars, its brand logo has transformed.

To put it bluntly, Nissan's been in bad shape for a while. But there's light at the end of the tunnel. With a reorganization plan underway to right the ship, and 12 new cars coming in 18 months, Nissan began a new chapter with the Ariya electric SUV on Tuesday.

If you took a closer look at the Ariya, you likely spotted another big change: The Ariya's debut ushered in Nissan's revamped corporate logo, which will adorn every car to come. Compared to the outgoing circle with a bar through the middle, this new iteration is thinner, sleeker and features the Nissan name more prominently. The circle also remains partially open in this redesign.

Explaining the thinking behind the design, Nissan said the automaker is a brand that stands for "technology that moves you" and its cars "bring you to life every time you drive." The new logo awakens these core elements, according to the company.

It's certainly a sexier look for the badge that has, unfortunately, become more synonymous with rental cars than desirable cars to park at home. Nissan sales have literally tanked in recent months and the situation has only worsened as the coronavirus pandemic keeps many potential buyers at home and out of dealerships.

The badge comes with a lot of change at Nissan, overall. We'll see 14 models die off globally as the automaker restructures, and plant closures and shift changes will likely come, too. But, it's not all bad. As mentioned, 12 new cars are coming, and chief among them, a new Nissan Z headlines them all. While the Z serves as a halo model, the automaker will surely look to make the redesigned 2021 Rogue a strong seller, too.

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