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Nissan Leaf's electric car alert tones turned into a cheery holiday jingle

Welcome to 2019, where EVs can help make songs.

In less than one week, Christmas will be here, and if you're a Christmas music enthusiast, add a new kind of holiday jingle to your playlist, courtesy of the Nissan Leaf.

That is correct, someone had the odd and wildly creative idea to turn the Leaf's electric car alert tones into a holiday jingle. The 2020 Leaf will sport two alert tones. The first is a tone that plays under 18.6 mph to meet new US regulations for "quiet cars." The second is a tone played when the electric car is in reverse.

The entire song isn't just the two tones. Instead, the first tone, which Nissan named "Canto," creates the rhythm and overall tone of the jingle, while the reverse chime splashes in every so often to help keep the beat. The mix is, actually, a combination of Jingle Bells and Angels We Have Heard on High. Nissan said the goal was to give the entire tune an electronic and high-tech feel.

I'd say that was accomplished. Tossing out any opinions on Christmas music in general, the average person would likely find the sounds soothing. Still, it's just a little weird since over the vast timeline of automobiles, they've never made noises like these.

If you love it, Nissan will make the tone available on streaming platforms. If you hate it, you have six day of Christmas music to go.

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