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Next Ford Mustang due in 2022, automaker job posting reveals

Codenamed S650, the next Mustang should feature Ford's CD6 platform.

A new 'Stang is only a couple years away.


Information can come from the strangest of places, but when it comes to a vehicle as popular as the Ford Mustang, one might expect the automaker to take great care to keep things under wraps.

Yet, Ford itself has leaked the first substantial piece of information on its next-generation pony car. According to a LinkedIn job posting, Ford was previously hiring for a wind and road noise vehicle team engineer, and that individual will specifically help with the next-generation Mustang. The posting is no longer accepting new applicants and is dated three weeks ago. But it only showed up on the Mustang 6G forum on Monday.

In the position description, the automaker says the winning candidate will contribute to the current S550-generation Mustang, but also "be the final sign-off on the Ford 2023 Mustang S650 vehicle program." It's the first time we've had a solid date on when we'll see the next Mustang after rumored delays. Ford declined to comment for this story.

The job description goes on to mention the S650 Mustang will debut in 2022. This, combined with the other language, points to the car as a 2023 model. Thus, we've got two more years of S550 to enjoy before the Blue Oval ushers in a new pony. 

The biggest change coming to the Mustang is a supposed move to the automaker's CD6 platform -- the same architecture that underpins the latest Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator. This decision should certainly help with economies of scale, but it could make for a larger Mustang than we're used to. We'll have to see how Ford engineers work their magic.

Originally published Feb 5., 7:38 a.m. PT.
Update, 11:42 a.m.: Adds Ford's decision to not comment for this story.

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