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New Toyota Supra will have lighter, cheaper four-cylinder engine

That's in addition to its inline-six power plant, which Toyota confirmed a while ago.

Unlike previous Supras, both trims will carry turbochargers this time around. Cylinder count is the prime differentiator. 


Previous iterations of the Toyota Supra carried two engine options -- a naturally aspirated one, and a turbocharged one. That probably won't be the case this time around, but there will be two different engines on offer.

The next-generation Toyota Supra will pack two different engines, a four-cylinder and a six-cylinder, Road & Track reports. Toyota already confirmed that the Supra would have an inline-6, but a new document and subsequent confirmation from Toyota shows that a four-banger will be on order, as well.

As the new Supra's chassis was a joint project between Toyota and BMW, the Supra will carry two different BMW engines. The one we already knew about, the B58B30 turbocharged I6, will produce 335 horsepower. The second engine is BMW's B48B20 turbocharged I4, and it's believed to produce a more sedate 262 horsepower. Both will mate to an eight-speed automatic -- specifically, the ZF 8HP.

Road & Track got confirmation, in addition to more interesting details, during a conversation with Tetsuya Tada, the Supra's head engineer, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Tada told R&T that not only will the four-cylinder Supra be lighter with "better weight distribution," it'll be cheaper.

Toyota showed off its new Supra at Goodwood, albeit in camouflaged prototype form. It's believed that the car could debut as early as the Paris or LA auto shows in the fall, so keep your eyes peeled to Roadshow for any additional developments.