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New Ford Bronco renderings have us dreaming of 2020

The last set of pictures imagined a two-door Bronco. Now, it gains two doors and a bit more attitude.

If Ford needs some help designing the forthcoming 2020 Bronco SUV, I suggest calling whoever makes the renderings for the Bronco6G forum.

Early in 2016, this new-Bronco-centric forum released some renderings of what it hoped a new Bronco would look like. The two-door design was stunning. And now they've come back with a whole new set of photos -- and these ones have four doors.

Hi, yes, I'll take two, please.

While the last set of renderings only had a standard roof, this new group comes with an idea that the Bronco6G administrators call "Air Roof." It's basically a set of removable roof panels that pay homage to the drop-top Broncos of yore. Sources have told the Bronco6G forum that this is coming on the 2020 Bronco, even though it's still pretty far away for speculation.

The renderings are only taken from three different angles, but they feature a variety of body colors, spare wheels and roof styles. Like the last round, these drawings relied on first-generation Broncos and later concepts for inspiration. At the least, I hope those round headlights show up.

What we do know about the Bronco isn't much. The Bronco will share a platform with the 2019 Ranger, itself a variation of the current Euro-market Ranger. It'll be built at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan, and production is expected to start in 2020.