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Bentley's New Model Will Have 24 Billion Possible Configurations

We're expecting it to be a long-wheelbase Bentayga SUV.

dark teaser image of a door in a new Bentley, lit in purple
Yep, you're looking at backlit leather door panels.

Bentley has a "long-awaited" debut planned for May 10. And while we don't yet know exactly what this new Bentley is -- our best guess is a long-wheelbase Bentayga -- the automaker on Wednesday confirmed this new model will be highly customizable. To the tune of 24 billion different configurations.

To put that number into perspective, when Bentley debuted the new Flying Spur, the company said its sedan had over 10 billion possible configurations. This new car has more than twice that. Absurd.

A highlight of this new Bentley is something the company calls its Airline Seat, which has 22-way adjustability and automatic climate sensing. Bentley also says this chair has "177 individual pressure changes" to adjust your posture. Since the automaker uses the singular word "seat," we think the Airline Seat will be the rear, passenger-side chair, which could allow the front seat to move forward for maximum reclining room. This is definitely geared toward the chauffeured.

Beyond this seat, Bentley says its new model will have a new Diamond Illumination technology, "where light is emitted through small perforations in the soft feel door trim." You can see this above; think backlit quilted leather.

Bentley will debut its new vehicle on Tuesday, May 10, at 4:30 a.m. PT (7:30 a.m. ET).