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More Ferrari FF photos

Ferrari has released some more photos of its FF four-seat coupe, which will get its official unveiling at the 2011 Geneva auto show.

Ferrari FF
Ferrari's new FF offers 2+2 seating and a new all-wheel-drive system. Ferrari

Interest in Ferrari's new family wagon must have been greater than the company expected, as four more photos were released today to complement the video and initial three photos sent out last Friday. We've added the new photos to our initial gallery, and added two more video captures of the interior.

To recap, the car is a four-seat coupe, replacing the 612 Scaglietti. It is also the first Ferrari to get an all-wheel-drive system. Hence, many scenes in the video show the car being tested on snow-covered roads. Ferrari fitted the FF with a new direct-injection 6.3-liter engine making 651 horsepower.

The new photos do not reveal much more than the initial shots. There is one overview and there are a few stills showing the FF mule being tested in difficult terrain around the world. Our interior captures show, underneath the testing equipment, a vehicle that looks production-ready.

The car will be officially unveiled at the 2011 Geneva auto show the week of March 1.