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Mitsubishi shows off Ralliart concepts at 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon

The days of Ralliart being a performance brand might be gone, but we still appreciate the stylistic improvements it makes to the Outlander and Eclipse Cross.

The changes are just aesthetic, but we like what Ralliart is doing here.

If you're a nerd who spent way too much time with Gran Turismo in the '90s (or, you know, you just really like rally), then the name Ralliart will mean something to you. For the rest of you, Ralliart is Mitsubishi's captive performance brand, along the lines of Subaru's STi or Nissan's Nismo, and while it's been pretty quiet recently, it could be making something of a comeback if Mitsubishi's concepts from the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon are any indicator.

Unfortunately, though, it looks as if this comeback could be mostly an aesthetic one. The Outlander and Eclipse Cross Ralliart Style concepts -- both announced on Tuesday -- feature some more aggressive trim bits and different wheels, which, to be fair, adds some much-needed drama to both models' styling, but that's about as far as they go.

I mean, it's perfect.


Less disappointing is the oddly named Delica D5 Tough x Tough, which takes the already rad Delica van platform and turns it into a little off-roading, overlanding super van. It gets its ruggedly handsome looks from a combination of Ralliart bits and aftermarket parts. It uses 16-inch wheels and a lifted suspension to help with its stance, and frankly, I'd do crimes to be able to park it in my driveway.

The story of Mitsubishi and performance is a sad one these days, with the brand's go-fast ambitions seemingly dying with the last Lancer Evolution. Still, given how reasonably well the brand has been turning around its more pedestrian models, maybe there's a chance for both the diamond star brand and Ralliart to return to greatness.

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