Mini unveils coupe concept before Frankfurt

Mini has unveiled details and photos of a Mini Coupe Concept, set to debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show.

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The Mini Coupe is even more 'couper' than the Cooper.

Mini has unveiled details and photos of a Mini Coupe Concept, set to debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show. The Coupe builds on the Cooper platform (confusing, isn't it?), but ditches the useless rear seats in favor of a sloping roofline and a coupe's profile.

The Coupe is identical to the Cooper S from the B-pillars forward and under the hood is the 1.6-liter turbocharged heart that we've come to love in the high performance John Cooper Works Mini. Out back the Coupe's new look includes a spoiler edge on the classic floating white roof that is one of the hallmarks of Mini's aesthetic.

Now this is what the Cooper convertible should have looked like in the first place.
Sources have dug up concept sketches for yet another Cooper variant. Motor Authority

Meanwhile, sources at Motor Authority have unearthed sketches for yet another Mini concept that may also be bowing at Frankfurt: the Mini Roadster. The Roadster is rumored to differ from the current Mini Convertible by having two fewer seats and a larger enclosed storage area. A removable (or retractable) hardtop would be nice, but if the Roadster concept ever sees the light of day, we expect it will be topped with a canvas roof.

Check out our gallery for more photos of the Mini Coupe Concept and stay tuned to our coverage of the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show for more details.

Mini Coupe concept revealed

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