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Electric cars may not get cuter than the Microlino 2.0

The Isetta bubble car returns for a whole new era. This most recent design should be significantly safer than the original and has a path to production.

Microlino 2.0
The bubble car is back. Again.
Micro Mobility

The Iso Isetta is one of numerous cult classic cars the 20th century bestowed on us. Quickly, it earned the nickname "bubble car" due to, well, the fact it kind of looks like a bubble.

Now, it's poised for a return, thanks to Switzerland's Micro Mobility. The company previously revealed its intentions to create a new, electric version of the bubble car back in 2016, but last week, the Microlino 2.0 debuted.

The latest prototype builds on the initial Microlino prototype with major improvements. The Swiss company said it even tossed the Microlino's core structure. At first, the car made do with a tubular structure. Now, there's pressed steel and aluminum components to beef up quality and safety.

The rear axle grows wider by 50% to accommodate an independent suspension, and a new permanent-magnet motor sits in place to provide more power and increase efficiency by 15%. A new battery pack also led the company to totally overhaul the cabin and provide more space. With the new pack, the Microlino 2.0 should go about 124 miles on a charge.

Redesigns made their way to the steering column and seats, while a digital makeover took place on the dashboard. Now, a screen displays all relevant information. And since the Swiss company has a history in scooters, it tossed in a fan-favorite feature. The dash's aluminum bar recalls a similar feature on Micro Mobility's scooters, and drivers can insert a smartphone, Bluetooth speaker or other items.

As the company continues to ready the electric bubble car for production, the price holds firm. Those who place a reservation will pay roughly $13,500 for the car when it's ready for delivery. Easily, I could see this challenging the Citroen Ami in Europe as long as Micro Mobility puts together a quality car. We should see the first cars ready for customers in 2021.

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First published March 6.