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MG E-Motion concept is one gorgeous electric coupe

Good luck ever seeing one in the US, though.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok
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US buyers may only remember MG for its tiny two-seat sports cars of yore, but it's still a fully fledged automaker in other corners of the globe, and it's got a sleek new concept to show off.

The MG E-Motion concept, shown off at the Shanghai Motor Show, is a lovely little sports car with shades of everything from (the headlights) to (the way the rear glass cascades down the back). It's got a big diffuser and strong lines along the side. It would look at home with cars costing twice as much as MG hopes to sell it for.

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Tack $10,000 onto the estimated production price of this concept, and it'd still be a good deal.


The inside, being a concept car, is positively loaded with weird stuff. The center console looks like a giant touchscreen, with buttons on all sides of the shifter. The infotainment screen is low, seemingly blending right into the center console. Rear-seat occupants shouldn't be too sad about the cool screens up front, because they get a touch-capable console with controls, too.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the MG E-Motion is its powertrain. It relies on a battery-electric setup, which helps it hustle to 62 mph in less than 4 seconds, which is nearly supercar territory. There aren't many details about MG's battery and motor setup, but it promises a range of more than 300 miles.

MG is considering bringing this concept to production, based on how well it's received in Shanghai. If it does move that way, one MG exec speaking to Autocar claims it could be priced as low as £30,000 ($38,439).

An electric sports coupe that costs less than $40,000, with supercar acceleration and butterfly-style doors? Sign me up.

MG E-Motion concept brings electric elegance to Shanghai

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