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Mercedes starts production of the electric EQS sedan

The luxury EV is being built on the same production line as the regular S-Class.

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Edition One
The Mercedes EQS electric sedan is already entering production.

We've been pretty excited about the EQS, aka the first fully electric sedan from Mercedes-Benz, since it was introduced in concept form a few years ago. Even though the production version was just unveiled in April of this year, according to an announcement Thursday by Mercedes, the company is not wasting any time getting the EQS into production.

In fact, the EQS is now in production at Mercedes' Factory 56 in Sindelfingen, which, if you're a giant Mercedes nerd, you'll recognize as the factory responsible for building the regular, extended-wheelbase and Maybach versions of the internal combustion-powered S-Class. What's supercool is that the EQS is being built on the same production line as those other S-Class models.

How is this possible? It would seem as though building a fully battery-electric vehicle with a different architecture on the same line as an internal combustion vehicle would be almost impossible or, at the very least, complicated and inefficient. Well, according to Mercedes, Factory 56 is uniquely suited to this kind of flexibility thanks to an even greater level of digitization of the assembly line. More computers seem to mean more efficiency here.

The EQS is slated to go on sale in the US this fall, with pricing expected to be similar to internal combustion S-Class models.

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