Mercedes Concept GLB teases posh interior ahead of Shanghai Motor Show

The production version is believed to rock a squared-off silhouette like the old GLK-Class.

It's a very warm and inviting look.

If there's characters left in the alphabet, it feels like Mercedes-Benz will eventually scoop 'em up. The automaker already has a GLA-Class and a GLC-Class, but soon, it appears there will be another ute slotting between 'em.

Mercedes-Benz this week issued a teaser for the Concept GLB. Debuting at the Shanghai Motor Show in April, the Concept GLB all but previews an eventual production version. It appears that the production GLB will be available in more markets than China, but the automaker hasn't confirmed much yet.

The automaker's teaser doesn't show off the concept's actual interior. It's just a rendering for now, but it looks pretty darn ready for production, given the use of factory pieces for the steering wheel controls, seat controls, infotainment touchpad and climate-control vents. The screen looks like an evolution of the current dual-screen "surfboard," as Mercedes calls it, with the omission of the black bar separating the screens on production cars. There's a whole lot of wood and a whole lot of leather -- it's just a nice design in general.

Spy shots of the GLB in camouflage reveal a familiar shape. Its boxy profile carries shades of the old Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class, which was eventually replaced with the GLC-Class. Some outlets have taken to calling it a "baby G-Class," but I don't think there's enough similarity for that connotation. Nevertheless, if you haven't been too keen on the more curvaceous route Mercedes is taking with its crossovers, the GLB might be the style you've been waiting for.

We'll find out more during the Shanghai Motor Show, which takes place in the third week of April.