Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar now testing on public roads

Its engineers are making sure the car's F1-derived tech is ready for "mass" production.

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Mercedes-AMG Project One Prototype

We've seen the outside of it, and we've been up close and personal with the stuff that lies beneath its skin. Yet, the Mercedes-AMG Project One still isn't ready for production -- but now, it's one step closer.

Mercedes-AMG is now testing prototypes of the Project One on public roads around the UK. The automaker has already spent hundreds of hours developing the car digitally, and it's undergone real-world tests on the dyno, which replicated some harsh on-track conditions.

Now, its prototypes are rolling around a test track in England and finally making their way to public roads. It's not exactly easy to disguise this car, especially considering the engine is spitting out Formula 1 noises, which are more aggressive than even the gnarliest hypercars. 

Mercedes-AMG One is one step closer to production

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To celebrate this big step forward in its development, Mercedes-AMG put out some images of lightly camouflaged Project One prototypes, and they're lookin' good.

Project One is going to blow the doors off anyone lucky enough to plunk down the major cash required for one. Its F1-derived powertrain uses a tiny 1.6-liter V6 in conjunction with four electric motors to put out more than 1,000 horsepower. It can even run on electricity alone for about 16 miles, if that's what you're into.

Unlike most limited-run hypercars, Mercedes-AMG plans to build a relative ton of these things. The automaker has a planned production run of 275 cars, and each will cost the euro equivalent of $2.72 million, making it ever so slightly less expensive than a Bugatti Chiron. As our own Tim Stevens said when he first saw the car, it's "a bargain" for what you get.

Behold, the inner workings of the Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar

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