Mercedes-AMG is debuting the 415-hp A45 S and CLA45 S at Goodwood

These two models mark the first production use of the bonkers M139 turbo four-cylinder engine.

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This teaser doesn't show much, but we like what we see and we love what's going under the hood.


Hey, remember that completely insane 400-plus horsepower four-cylinder engine that AMG decided to build recently? 

Well, it looks like the first vehicles that the folks from Affalterbach are going to put it in are the A45 S and the CLA45 S. Further, both of those models will debut on Thursday at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, according to posts made Monday by the company on social media.

We don't know too terribly much about these new tiny terrors other than that they'll have an eight-speed automatic transmission, the Panamericana grille and some more aggressive body cladding and so on. We assume AMG will fiddle with the suspension and brakes because modern AMG actually makes cars that handle.

While the 45 S models get the full-fat 416 horsepower version of the new M139 engine, there will be a more pedestrian non-S version that produces a still-respectable 382 horsepower. Like all AMG engines, the M139 will be built by one technician from start to finish.

We expect that Mercedes-AMG will also shoehorn this monster of a motor into the GLA and GLB SUVs in the very near future.

Mercedes-AMG didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

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