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Mystery McLaren teased again, will debut June 28

Check out the sweet top-exit exhaust pipes.

McLaren Teaser
You guys, top-exit exhausts!

Something wicked this way comes. McLaren has a new car in the works, and following last week's teaser image, we've got another not-too-revealing photo of the to-be-announced supercar. Hope you guys like top-exit exhausts.

Of course, this still doesn't give us any insight into what sort of awesomeness McLaren has cooking. The earlier teaser showed a taillight and rear valance similar to that of the 570S. Is this a 570LT, or Long Tail? Maybe a 570 GTR? Something else altogether? Your guess is as good as ours.

Right now, all McLaren will tell us is that the car "will benefit from increased power, minimized weight, optimized aerodynamics and enhanced driver engagement." Cool.

Thankfully, we won't be left guessing for too much longer. McLaren will debut its new lovely online on June 28. Following that, the car will make its first public appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next month, where it'll participate in the infamous Goodwood Hill Climb on July 12. We can't wait.