Can't afford a McLaren for the holidays? Buy these socks instead

McLaren's gift guide has something for buyers of all socioeconomic shapes and sizes.

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McLarens are expensive, there's no doubt about that. But when it comes time to celebrate the holidays, wanted to make sure there were gifts in its metaphorical catalog for all kinds of buyers to afford. That's why it's selling socks.

McLaren took to the internet to hawk a variety of its wares ahead of the holidays. Whether you're interested in gag gifts or big-money adventures, there are plenty of things on which money can be spent. The socks in question are sold in conjunction with apparel companies Period Correct and Stance, and they'll set you back £15.99 (about $20) if you can find them -- they're currently sold out on Period Correct's site. Better hope those elves can sew in a hurry.

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"I got you something from McLaren for the holidays."


In the midrange, there are cars that children can "drive," whether it's under the car's own electric power or relying on "push" power. McLaren also offers a number of scale models ranging in price from £65 to £6,395 (about $80 to $8,000), although the latter side of that spectrum probably isn't sold with children in mind.

Higher-end gifts are also available in abundance. You could shell out a few thousand to pick up the Sparco McLaren SP16+ racing suit, the lightest suit certified by the FIA. Or, if you'd rather actually drive a car, there's a three-day Arctic adventure that will put you behind the wheel of a . The price for that one? A sweet £12,750 (about $16,000).

Of course, all these prices pale in comparison with McLaren's own window stickers. In most parts of the world, the least expensive way into a new McLaren is the 570S, which starts around $190,000 in the US. But with 562 horsepower and some solid handling chops on tap, it's not like that money is going to waste.

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