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McLaren reveals track-only Senna GTR in Geneva

Promising Formula One lap times, only 75 will be produced.

All the Senna GTR's aerodynamic improvements allow it to produce a crazy 2,200 pounds of downforce.

Andrew Hoyle/Roadshow

As if the 788-horsepower McLaren Senna supercar wasn't hardcore enough, there's now an extra special, super limited-production, track-only version. World, meet the Senna GTR.

This Senna follows in the legendary footsteps of the F1 GTR and P1 GTR, with impressive power and incredible aerodynamics. McLaren says the Senna GTR will be able to post lap times comparable to those of a Formula 1 car, largely thanks to its improved aerodynamics -- up to 2,200 pounds of downforce.

Power gets a slight nudge, as well, with 813 horsepower being produced from the Senna's 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V8. That's not a huge increase over the 788 horsepower of the road-legal Senna, mind you, but McLaren says the aero improvement will account for the majority of the track car's improved track prowess.

Following the 500-car run of the road-legal Senna, McLaren will produce 75 examples of the GTR. The track-focused monster makes its debut at the Geneva Motor Show this week, and production will kick off in 2019.