Here's your first look at McLaren's next hybrid supercar

The British firm's new platform not only provides a basis for hybrid power, but it will let McLaren transition to completely electric supercars, too.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
McLaren hybrid platform

This right here is the future of blisteringly fast supercars. It may not look like much, but it's the brand-new architecture that will underpin the British company's supercars of the future with hybrid power to boot. So, yes, technically, it's our first look at the automaker's next supercar.

McLaren revealed the new architecture on Tuesday and promised the platform incorporates some "world-first" processes to rid future cars of excess weight. That'll be mighty important if McLaren starts adding batteries and other electric bits that weigh a lot more than some traditional components.

Everything was completed for the platform in-house at McLaren and the company plans to put it to work in the years to come. Every hybrid supercar coming out of the British automaker will be built on the platform starting in 2021. Next year, McLaren said it will roll out the first supercar riding on the new architecture. It'll likely be a hybridized replacement for the 570S, if we had to take an educated guess.

More importantly, this platform safeguards McLaren's future building production cars. Not only does the architecture support hybrid technology, but the company said the work will allow it to transition to 100% electric supercars in the future.

Let's just skip the rest of 2020 and get to the new McLaren in 2021, shall we?

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