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McLaren BP23 hybrid hypercar to boast 243+ mph top speed

This forthcoming $2.2 million gas-electric hybrid hypercar will bring the fight to Bugatti.

McLaren BP23 overhead sketch
The BP23 will feature a central driver's seat flanked by two outboard passenger seats, just like the F1.

Fair warning: This story is truly only applicable to 106 of you, those fortunate souls who have already snatched up McLaren's as-yet-unrevealed $2.2-million BP23 "Hyper-GT." That's right, it's going to cost upwards of $2.2 million dollars, but that makes it something of a bargain compared to the $3 million Bugatti Chiron

Following its press conference at the Geneva Motor Show, the British exotic car manufacturer has released a few sketches of its forthcoming hybrid super sports car, including confirmation that the new model will be the fastest McLaren ever made. That means it will have a top whack in excess of 243 mph, the vMax of McLaren's iconic F1 supercar.

Along with a gas-electric hybrid powertrain, the new BP23 will carry a central driving position flanked by two outboard seats in a V formation, just like its F1 forebear. The company also says it'll be the "most luxurious" McLaren ever, emphasizing its bias towards over-the-road driving as opposed to racetrack work.

The BP23 will have a central driving position flanked by two outboard seats, just like the F1.


If you're one of those lucky 106 owners-to-be -- the same build-run size as the F1 -- McLaren Special Operations (MSO) will be reaching out to you shortly to customize your particular car to your undoubtedly particular tastes. 

That is, MSO will be reaching out if it hasn't already -- after all, you've been waiting a long time: "The entire BP23 production of 106 examples was allocated before the car was officially announced in November 2016," McLaren said. 

The BP23, which will carry a different name when it arrives, will be shown later this year. Production commences toward the end of 2019. 

Apparently the speedometer will go a bit faster than this.