McLaren's epic 720S is now available with a Track Pack for the truly insane

The $37,000 option makes the 720S lose 50 pounds and sound better, but that's most of it.

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Mclaren 720s GT3 Testing - Brno
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Mclaren 720s GT3 Testing - Brno

The McLaren 720S with track pack is a formidable weapon, but there can't be many drivers who can extract the maximum amount of performance from it on track.


The is an incredibly fast car. The company that built it packed all its decades of race car and road car experience into it and the result is staggering. That's why its tough to imagine the customer for a 720S with a "Track Package," and yet, is offering one.

What do you do to a car to make it more track-focused when it already produces over 700 horsepower and is made mostly from carbon fiber? Well, if you're McLaren you find a way to ditch another 52.9 pounds by changing the wheels and exhaust, then you bolt in some carbon racing seats (available in two sizes!) with six-point seat belts and add race team-level telemetry.

The person who tracks a 720S is already a little nuts, given that it starts at just shy of $300,000, but someone who feels that the car needs more performance must be genuinely mental, especially when the track pack costs an additional $37,000 on top of the price of the Performance trim 720S.

The rest of the car is mostly the same, apart from some aesthetic differences in the cockpit like more Alcantara suede and carbon fiber. The engine output remains the same, so too do the braking and suspension systems.

The track pack is available for purchase now from McLaren in the UK, though we're waiting on a response from the folks in Woking on whether or not we'll see it in the US.

McLaren's 720S gets the track pack it never really needed, but it deserved

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