McLaren 720S Spider pegged for Dec. 8 debut, which sounds cold

Expect everything that made the 720S great, but with more wind.

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Might want to bring a scarf.


What better time to debut a convertible than the depths of winter?

announced Wednesday that it will debut its next supercar on Dec. 8. While it's guaranteed to be a bit less insane than the Speedtail that will join the automaker's Ultimate Series lineup, this new supercar will surely rip.

Both picture and video teasers don't really hide the car in question. It's all but guaranteed to be the Spider, the convertible variant of its plenty-bonkers 720S. It's reasonable to expect that both cars will be pretty darn similar, which means the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 hiding under the body should put out the same 710 horsepower and 568 pound-feet of torque as the fixed-roof variant.

While the teaser image doesn't offer much in the way of information about the 720S' new drop top, the video at least confirms that it'll be an electric hardtop. We're not sure how much weight it will add, but for context, the 570S Spider's hardtop adds about 101 pounds to the mix, and it takes about 15 seconds to open or close. I'd expect similar figures from the 720S Spider.

The 720S Spider's debut is part of McLaren's ambitious Track25 plan, which covers the automaker's product strategy through 2025. By that time, McLaren intends to unveil 18 new cars (Speedtail and 720S Spider being the first two). Every single vehicle it builds will be electrified in some way by 2025, as well.

McLaren's 720S hides its extreme aero with aplomb

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