Mazda6 diesel almost here. Again. Finally

It's been almost 10 years since Mazda promised diesel power for its midsize sedan, but it looks like the real deal this time.

Could it... finally be true?

The Mazda6 Diesel. Where to begin? It's been a long time coming as the Japanese automaker has consistently promised its latest SkyActiv-D diesel engine for American buyers, but after all that time, it actually showed up in a crossover first. That'd be the Mazda CX-5 Diesel last year.

Now, it finally seems like the Mazda6 is in for diesel power, though it's hard not to wonder if the moment has passed. Autoblog first spotted a California Air Resources Board document filed specifically for the Mazda6 with a diesel engine on Tuesday. Specifically, it's for the 2.2-liter turbo-four diesel engine we've known in the CX-5 Diesel.

What makes this document important, and lends credibility to the idea we'll finally see the sedan, is the fact it's specifically for the Mazda6 -- not an across-the-board certification. What we don't know is if the oil burner will exclusively drive the front or all wheels. Or perhaps both.

Mazda confirmed news of the diesel sedan's certification in California, but added "More information will be released at the appropriate time."

Although it will be good to once and for all have the Mazda6 Diesel here, I'm not too sure who will be rushing to dealers. The CX-5 Diesel recently saw discounts up to $10,000 off, which perhaps shows a lack of demand for diesel engines in light vehicles. Big pickups? Sure. A midsize sedan or crossover? Maybe not so much, especially as the industry shifts its outlook toward electrification.

Originally published Feb. 11.
Update, Feb. 12: Adds confirmation from Mazda.

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