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Mazda's rotary engine will return to the US with the MX-30 EV

We love the MX-30, and news of the rotary's return is icing on the cake.

Mazda MX-30 promo

Great news to kick off the year that is 2021 in the auto world, folks. The Mazda MX-30 is coming to America in both fully electric and plug-in hybrid form. The latter will revive the beloved rotary engine at that.

The Detroit Bureau first reported on remarks made by Jeff Guyton, Mazda president of North American operations, on Dec. 21. But Mazda confirmed with Roadshow that not only will the MX-30 with the rotary range extender come to the US, but the purely battery-electric version will launch here, too. 

"Mazda is committed to continuing to innovate and delivering an engaging driving experience. With that in mind, we can confirm we will bring our first electric vehicle, the MX-30, to the US market," a company spokesperson told Roadshow. 

The automaker wasn't ready to say when the cutesy MX-30 will launch locally, but we last heard 2022 was the target date for the EV and the plug-in hybrid version in other countries. It seems safe to assume the US will be part of that broader rollout. Right now, the only MX-30 on sale is the hybrid version with an inline-four engine and a tiny battery supplying power, and it's only available in Japan to start.

If Mazda's original range estimate holds up, the MX-30 won't be out to break range records. The totally electric variant will go 124 miles on a full charge by the automaker's internal estimates, and that could drop lower when the EPA performs its own tests. The plug-in hybrid powertrain with the rotary engine might be more appealing to American buyers, though we don't know how much further the range-extender configuration will take drivers yet.

Regardless, the MX-30 stole our hearts at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show with its interior created with sustainable material and nifty suicide doors that call the RX-8 to mind. I think I speak for every Roadshow staff member when I say we can't wait to drive one.

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