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Mazda again hints at its upcoming EV, releasing enigmatic teaser images

This EV, which will be revealed at next week's Tokyo Motor Show, is said to expand the automaker's signature Kodo design language.

Mazda EV Teaser
That sloping roofline indicates this could be a crossover with coupe-like proportions.

The 2019 Tokyo Motor Show is less than a week away, with press days kicking off on Oct. 23. Ahead of the big event, Mazda released a handful of images on Friday, teasing a brand-new product it will unveil in Japan.

The Hiroshima, Japan-based automaker has a new electric vehicle in the works. Based on the enigmatic illustrations provided, it looks like the mystery model will be some sort of crossover, possibly of the four-door-coupe variety as hinted at by its gently sloping roofline. This machine's sculpted front fenders also appear to be quite different than the ones found on either the CX-5 or CX-30 models.

According to the small amount of text accompanying said teasers, with this model, Mazda designers are working to expand the brand's signature Kodo "soul of motion" design language. In the process, they're also striving to increase the artistic qualities of car design. It's unclear how much more sculptural the automaker's stylists can make its vehicles, as Mazda's current crop of products is already among the classiest and more tastefully designed on the market today.

We reached out to Mazda for comment on the way Kodo could be adapted to fit an EV, but they did not immediately respond to our request.

This new electric model should bear a strong resemblance to other current Mazdas, even though the automaker is "exploring new directions more in touch with futuristic values and changing lifestyles." That could mean this product has EV-specific touches, like a solid, filled-in grille or a super-aerodynamic shape.

According to the automaker, this vehicle will have a friendly expression on its front end, something that should make it approachable, but let's hope it's not too outgoing like the Mazda3 compact car was a generation or two ago. Remember the ones that had that Joker-esque grin? Yeah -- no, thanks.

Mazda's new EV should have a clean, simple overall shape and a solid appearance. Inside, it's supposedly fitted with an elegant, coupelike cabin and a "unique door concept," whatever that means. On Oct. 15, the company released a small teaser video highlighting the cabin's center console as well as its use of sustainable materials, but the information shared here sheds no new light on what the vehicle's interior will look like.

Specifics are largely nonexistent at this time, but the good news is we don't have to wait long to learn all the details. Mazda's press conference where this product will be revealed should start at 11:20 a.m. Tokyo time on Oct. 23. 

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