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Mazda teases electric car's interior ahead of Tokyo Motor Show debut

The automaker said the design ethos is an "envelop of openness."

Mazda electric car interior teaser
Mazda's traditional cars are good, so I'm excited for an EV from the zoom-zoom division.

Mazda has long championed driving dynamics as a core competency (remember "Driving Matters"?), but the brand will dip its toes into the brave new world of electric cars this month.

While Mazda previously confirmed with Roadshow ahead of an official announcement that the Tokyo Motor Show would serve as the backdrop for the electric car's reveal, the automaker teased the EV's interior on Tuesday. Mazda Europe's official Twitter flashed a brief look at the electric car's center console, which reveals a sleek design complete with a familiar rotary knob that operates Mazda's infotainment system in current vehicles.

While the sole teaser photo hardly gives anything away, the Japanese automaker said the interior design's ethos is an "envelope of openness." That's a fun oxymoron that basically means we should see something focused on the driver and passenger, but airy in general. Interior materials were also selected with a eco-friendliness in mind.

A Mazda representative previously told Roadshow that the battery-electric vehicle will not be based on a current Mazda production vehicle. Whatever the company has planned will be a totally new model. We're also in the dark on what form this vehicle will take, but it's a safe bet this will be a crossover of sorts.

Previous rumors pegged a range extender as part of the electric powertrain, too, especially for North American markets. It's likely this EV won't challenge Tesla for a range crown if a range extender is part of the conversation. If we do see a range extender, it could mark the rotary engine's return at Mazda. This time, it will have a far different purpose, however.

Originally published Sept. 16, 8:38 a.m. PT.

Update, 10:35 a.m.: Adds confirmation from Mazda that it will show an electric car in Tokyo.

Update, Oct. 15: Adds information and photos from teaser announcement.

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