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2020 Maserati Quattroporte, Levante Zegna special editions get lush leather interiors

Monterey Car Week attendees will have the chance to order one of 100 special editions.


Maserati is classing things up for the 2020 Quattroporte sedan and Levante SUV. The plush Italian rides are set to each receive Zegna special-edition models that sport Pelletessuta woven-leather interiors. Maserati and fashion brand Ermenegildo Zegna, which both hail from Italy, have worked together for decades, and these fine interiors are their latest creations.

The Italian automaker revealed both vehicles on Wednesday and announced that those attending this month's Monterey Car Week will have the opportunity to reserve one of the 50 Quattroporte models or one of the 50 Levante special editions. So that's a limited run of 100 vehicles total with the extra-soft and lightweight leather interiors.

What makes that Pelletessuta leather so special? Zegna worked to devise a process to replace fabric yarns for stitching leather. Instead, Zegna uses thin strips of leather to weave the fabric that's plentiful in the cabin. The final form looks mighty good.

The Quattroporte sedans with the Pelletessuta interiors will be based on the S Q4 GranLusso trim. Aside from the typical appointments the six-figure sedan includes, the special-edition model features a Blu Sofisticato exterior color over the dark brown Pelletessuta leather interior. Maserati paints the brake calipers a matching blue, tosses in sport seats and naturally badges the interior with a Zegna plate to signify that this isn't a pedestrian Quattroporte.

The Levante Zegna follows much the same formula. The special-edition SUV starts life as an S GranSport model and dons a Bronzo tri-coat exterior color. Inside, the leather is dipped black. In addition to black brake calipers, the company also swaps in a set of 21-inch wheels and fits the interior with Radica wood trim. For some reason, Maserati didn't supply a photo of the Levante Zegna's interior.

Those not making the trip to Monterey will still have the chance to secure their own Quattroporte or Levante Zegna special edition. The company said each will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis and those interested can stop by a local Maserati dealership to reserve one. Once Zegna and Maserati are finished with the special models, they'll be set for delivery in spring 2020.

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