Maserati reworks its trims for 2022 Ghibli, Levante and Quattroporte

You can now choose between three trims across the whole lineup.

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All three new trim levels are prominently displayed on the fender above the vents on each new Maserati.


doesn't exactly have the world's most expansive product range. Still, in an effort to simplify and maybe class things up a bit, it's renamed the three available trim levels for its , and models, according to an announcement made on Wednesday.

The base trim will be known as GT and features a 345-horsepower V6 engine, chrome exterior trim and 19-inch wheels for the Ghibli and Quattroporte, while the Levante gets 20-inch rollers. Each model gets a unique interior finish for its trim. The Quattroporte gets wood while the Levante gets Piano Black, for example.

Next up is Modena, and Maserati says that this is the trim for "customers who are sports enthusiasts as a means to enjoying their time and the context to the full." Whatever that means. In reality, it seems like it's a sportier trim level with a 424-hp V6 or, in the Levante, you can spec up to the Modena S trim, which nets you a 550-hp V8. The Modenas all get 20-inch wheels.

Finally, we come to the most hard-core version of all three models -- the Trofeo. These get the most intense powertrains of all three in the form of a Ferrari-built 580-hp twin-turbo V8. You also get lots of carbon fiber trim and 21-inch wheels on Ghibli and Quattroponte or 22-inchers on the Levante.

In addition to the changes to the trim stacks, all three models get all kinds of revised badging, including new Maserati logos, which made their debut on the MC20. All three models are available to order right now.

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