Maserati GranTurismo teased, brand confirms new small SUV's name

The GranTurismo will be Maserati's first totally electric car, and the SUV will be known as the Grecale.

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Sean Szymkowski
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Maserati GranTurismo teaser

Looking good there, GranTurismo.


It may have been the Maserati MC20's big day on Wednesday, but the Italian marque had more to share. The automaker not only slyly teased the next , it also told us the name of its upcoming small SUV. That'd be Grecale.

The upcoming SUV shares its name, pronounced grih-kale, with the northeast wind that blows across the Mediterranean Sea. Aside from the name and the segment Maserati plans to tackle, we don't know much else about it. The dark teaser image, which we've brightened for your viewing pleasure, hides much of the SUV, but it looks like Maserati will opt for a simpler, round headlight compared with the slim and angular look of the current Levante. We could obviously be misreading the teaser, but right now, it actually gives us some early oughties Aston Martin vibes.

Maserati Grecale teaser

Those seriously look like round headlights up front.


As for the GranTurismo, it still looks like a sexy thing. The teaser, which we also tried to brighten, shows a decidedly elegant and swooping profile, not totally unlike today's model. That same rounder headlight looks like it's present here, too.

While the Grecale will help Maserati sell more cars in general, the GranTurismo will accomplish something else: It will be the brand's first totally electric car. The sports car that became the MC20 was originally intended to become the first EV -- and it will still have an electric powertrain eventually -- but Maserati previously confirmed to Roadshow that the GranTurismo will take up the mantle instead. It's not clear if the car will be totally electric across the board, or if the company plans to offer a battery-electric version alongside other powertrains.

The MC20 was meant to hit reset on the Maserati brand. Now, it looks like we've got some exciting stuff ahead.

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