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Maserati outlines its electrified and autonomous future

The Ghibli sedan will lead the charge (pun intended) in 2020.

Maserati badge

Maserati, one of Fiat Chrysler's Italian luxury marques, is ready to cannonball into an electrified future. The company laid out its plans last week for its electrification and autonomous strategy.

All of the happenings are part of FCA's grander strategy, which it laid out in its most recent five-year plan detailed in 2018. Then, we learned Maserati planned to roll out eight plug-in hybrid models and four electric cars. The company also confirmed the gorgeous Alfieri sports car was headed to production.

Even though it's a few years old, the Alfieri concept remains a stunner. Here's hoping the production version looks even half this good.


In the new details, Maserati said the Ghibli sedan will kick things off next year with a hybrid powertrain. But, the first new Maserati with an electrified powertrain will be the Alfieri. In fact, it will be totally electric and come as both a coupe and convertible. Following the sports car, a D-segment SUV will launch in 2021. Maserati has sunk close to $900 million into the Cassino production plant for a new production line that will handle the SUV production.

Two staples of Maserati, and both equally long in the tooth, will join the electrified portfolio for a new generation as well. The GranTurismo and GranCabrio will be assembled in Turin, Italy, where FCA also invested close to $900 million.

For models that aren't totally electric, Ferrari will supply the powertrains -- never a bad thing. As for the Levante and Quattroporte, they're not going anywhere either.

The onslaught of new vehicles will also begin to sprinkle autonomous driving technology into the mix. The Italian marque will begin with Level 2 driving-assistance systems, though the plan is to install Level 3 self-driving technology. On the SAE scale of autonomy, the car will still need to hand controls back to the driver is something goes wrong. However, Maserati said its technology will allow the car to bring itself to a safe stop on the side of the road, should something go awry.

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