Lynk & Co. and Cyan Racing just finished the first test of the 03 TCR

If the 03 TCR is half as fast as it looks, then the 2019 touring car season should be a good one.

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Racing drivers Thed Björk and Yvan Muller hustled the new Lynk & Co 03 TCR around circuits in Sweden and Portugal recently to help ready the car for its first season of racing.

Cyan Racing

We reported back in October that Lynk & Co. was planning on going racing with its 03 sedan and that it was partnering up with Cyan Racing to do it. Well, Cyan Racing announced on Wednesday that it had just completed the first tests with the racing prototypes in both Sweden and Portugal.

Lynk & Co. hired championship-winning drivers Yvan Muller and Thed Björk to put the 03 TCR through its paces and their reaction was favorable, to say the least.

"The feeling to turn the first laps of an all-new race car is fantastic and I must say the Lynk & Co. 03 TCR has lived up to my expectations. Geely Group Motorsport has done a great job of development so far and we can't wait to get going as we no doubt are facing one of the toughest seasons in the history of touring car racing in 2019," said Thed Björk, in a statement.

The 03 TCR will also serve as the testing platform for a road-going 03 that Lynk & Co. has said will have over 500 horsepower. The race team, meanwhile, will take delivery of its car a little before the World Touring Car Championship begins in April.

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