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Lynk & Co is partnering with Cyan to go racing

The Chinese mobility startup will enter the 2019 World Touring Car Championship with the racing version of its 03 sedan.

The Lynk & Co 03 will be the basis for its first racing efforts alonside Cyan Racing.
Cyan Racing

The oddly named mobility startup Lynk & Co announced on Friday that it's going racing. It has partnered with Cyan Racing, aka the official Volvo factory motorsports team, to try its luck in the FIA World Touring Car Championship, something with which Cyan is intimately familiar.

The car that Lynk & Co has chosen as the basis for its racing program is its 03 sedan. The racing effort will be undertaken at the same time as a joint venture between Lynk & Co and Cyan to develop a 500-horsepower variant of the 03 road car.

Lynk & Co's racing effort is slated to begin with the 2019 season where it will compete against established brands like Alfa Romeo, Audi, Honda and Volkswagen. Lynk & Co has chosen its partner wisely, too -- Cyan has seven team championships and six driver's championships under its belt.

With an eye on a 2020 European debut for its first PHEV SUV, Lynk & Co has been hard at work building its brand and fleshing out its lineup since it debuted last year. The company is owned by Volvo's parent company Geely, and in fact, the Lynk & Co 02 crossover shares a platform with the well-liked Volvo XC40.