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Lucid teases future SUV in a tweet

More details about this utility vehicle could be revealed on Sept. 9 when the automaker unveils the production version of its Air sedan.

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Lucid Air SUV Teaser

What do you see in this teaser image?


It's hard to keep track of all the electric-vehicle startups out there these days. From Canoo and Karma, to Nikola, Nio, Rivian and more, this space is teeming with activity. But one of the more interesting of these companies is Lucid, which is building a stylish battery-powered sedan called the Air. It could be a groundbreaking product if the firm's bold claims about it are true.

The Air claims to be able to annihilate the quarter-mile in less than 10 seconds, be the most aerodynamic four-door ever produced and offer 517 miles of range -- which, if you're counting, is more than a Tesla Model S, arguably the benchmark upscale electric sedan. There's a lot of hype to live up to here, folks, but we'll soon see if the steak matches the sizzle.

On Friday, Lucid shared an enigmatic teaser on Twitter, promoting the official reveal of the Air production model, which is set to take place on Wednesday, Sept. 9. It's also, as the company cryptically points out, the date California became a state. Aside from promoting the Air, this tweet also hints at an upcoming utility model, asking, "How would Lucid reimagine the SUV?" Good question.

The photo Lucid shared clearly shows the Air in the background and something much larger spilling out of frame in the foreground. What we can see of this vehicle is a small side-view mirror, which looks similar to what's fitted to the Air, and some narrow, slit-like taillights on the rear hatch. The lower bumper is nicely sculpted as well, but other than these cues, it's nearly impossible to get a feel for how this vehicle looks or what its proportions are.

Lucid's Dream Ahead experience should be live streamed next week.

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