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Lucid Air will be the most aerodynamic production sedan ever, Lucid says

Lucid keeps sharing little bits of information as we get closer to its reveal.

Lucid Air aero testing
Aero for days.

The Lucid Air electric sedan will not only take the fight to the Tesla Model S, but it will also cut through the wind with ease.

The startup announced Tuesday the Air will boast a drag coefficient of 0.21, which measures the resistance of an object moving through a fluid environment. In this case, it's how easy the Air slips through the, well, air.

Peter Rawlinson, CEO and and chief technical officer of Lucid Motors, said there's been an intense focus on the car's aerodynamics to help boost the electric sedan's range. The greater the aerodynamics, the less Lucid needed to rely on a massive battery pack to produce a big range number. The startup has teased 400 miles of range even at highway speeds.

While we haven't seen the final design, Lucid said it includes numerous functional elements to guide air through and around the car in the best way possible. Behind the front clip, the company mentioned a patented "vortex-generating air intake system." The system works to distribute cool air across heat exchanges with a smaller opening.

Of course, we'll have to wait and see how many of these aero tricks trickle down to cheaper models. The range-topping Air will likely cost around $100,000, but the company has previously mentioned a $60,000 Air before federal tax credits. The electric sedan will debut on Sept. 9 and production should kick off late this year at the firm's new factory in Arizona. Then, first owners should get their cars in early 2021.

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