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Lotus would like to wish us all a merry driftmas!

The British carmaker is calling for a cease-fire in the war on Christmas and firing its opening salvo in the war on our eardums.

Lotus is an easy company to make fun of because it's seemingly perpetually on the brink of financial ruin and its cars have a terrible reputation for reliability, but it's an even easier company to love because they care about making cars fun and also because it does stuff like make this video which it released on Wednesday.

Watching all the lame attempts by #brands to engage with enthusiasts around the holiday, it's easy to get jaded but seeing this yellow Lotus skid around the Hethel factory estate with a Christmas tree whacked onto the engine cover is almost weird enough to qualify as magical realism. If Gabriel Garcia Marquez were a gearhead, we think he'd approve.

Just as a refresher, the Evora Sport 410 featured in this video is a ludicrous fiberglass and carbon-fiber bodied sports car with a supercharged Toyota Avalon engine that makes 410 horsepower shoehorned into the back. It's built around an aluminum monocoque chassis and weighs just 2,921 pounds. It's a very silly car.

Anyway, make sure your boss isn't around, plug in your headphones and crank the volume up for this one. You weren't doing any real work anyway, were you?