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Lotus partners with audio manufacturer KEF on Emira sound system

This is the well-known high-end audio company's first crack at designing a car stereo.


Being a sucker for the new Emira and for KEF, I suspect this will be a very good match.


The new Lotus Emira is a seriously cool car. It looks fantastic, it has excellent powertrain options and now we know it has a pretty exciting stereo system, according to an announcement earlier this month from high-end audio manufacturer KEF.

The KEF system for the Emira is KEF's first automotive system, and it consists of a 10-channel amplifier with KEF's Uni-Q system that can reproduce an extremely wide range of mid- and high frequencies from a single point. This promises to offer a more realistic soundstage than you might otherwise find.

The system also reduces the tendency to pick up on individual speakers while listening, creating a more seamless experience. Also, they look supercool, which is always a bonus in a car like the Emira.

We're not 100% yet what the upcharge will be in the Emira for the KEF system or what the weight penalty might be for going that route, but if you plan on using your Lotus for more than just weekend canyon blasts, then we suspect it'll be an excellent way to go.

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