Lexus LF-Z production car to arrive in 14 months

Lexus confirmed that a car based on the LF-Z concept is coming very soon -- much sooner than first expected.

Coming soon.

Back in March, Lexus showed off the very tidy and sleek-looking LF-Z concept. Then, it said we'd see something based on the vehicle before 2025. Now, we know something's coming in just 14 months. The brand confirmed the time frame for Roadshow during a media event at the company's headquarters in Plano, Texas, this week, and it's a mighty speedy timeline at that.

Fourteen months puts it at around late summer or early fall of 2022 when we'll see the production version of the LF-Z, and hopefully, it'll retain a lot of the character found in the concept. The car boasts SUV proportions, but a profile much more akin to a sleek hatchback. I particularly dig the rear profile with the bulging roof that tapers down to a full-width light bar and rather flat bumper. The front looks like a pretty safe evolution of Lexus design with the jagged LED accent lights and a fading spindle grille pattern. Essentially, this concept takes a lot of current styling elements from the brand and puts an EV twist on them. I think it's successful.

The inside will absolutely change substantially for production; the car features a pretty sparse cockpit with just a few panels, a single dial and a yoke-style wheel. It'd be cool to see the unique-colored driver's seat stick around if Lexus wants to adhere to its "Tazuna" Japanese influence. That's "rein" in English, and it symbolizes the connection between horse and rider.

Lexus' reps didn't speak about the car's powertrain, but we do know it employs the Direct4 intelligent all-wheel drive system. Power flows freely to create a front-, rear- or all-wheel drive layout when needed. This will be one of 20 new or refreshed vehicles from Lexus that'll sport some sort of electrification. Perhaps we're looking at a new flagship EV for the brand in the LF-Z.