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Freshened Lexus ES set for reveal in a week

Yep, the luxury sedan still exists and it's in for a little love with updated looks.

The Lexus ES isn't the sedan that comes to mind when thinking Lexus, but the brand isn't giving up on it yet. In fact, it has an updated sedan ready to show off in just a week. On Monday, the brand teased the refreshed ES ahead of the car's debut at China's Auto Shanghai show next Monday. There, it will also give the public a look at the recently revealed LF-Z concept, too.

Lexus ES teaser

The rear doesn't look too different.

Lexus/Screenshot by Sean Szymkowski/Roadshow

Lexus tossed a round of updates at the ES last summer for the 2021 model year, which included the addition of all-wheel drive, but these changes should revise the midsize luxury sedan's looks. The official teaser photo provided gives us a look at the rather standard-looking Lexus headlight complete with a jagged LED accent. However, the teaser video attached basically reveals the car's rear end. Things look largely the same back there, but it looks like the model teased wears a sportier lip spoiler. Perhaps most of the changes are reserved for the front end, or the cockpit.

So, for now, take a look at the teaser video and meet us back here in a week to see the sedan revealed in full.